Jumper Cables are for Wimps

Last night, I was headed out to meet up with a friend and her family for dinner. As per usual, I called a cab to pick me up–you can’t really walk anywhere here at night; the one time I did, even though it was for just a few blocks, I got chewed out by my roommate. So anyway, into the cab I go, and I guess as a result of waiting for me outside my gate, the driver’s battery has died.

Oh crap, I think. How are we going to resolve this? Since it’s night we can’t really just walk somewhere to find another car, and besides, who will have jumper cables. The driver seemed to share my concern, as he said to me, “This is not so good.” But he jumped out of the car, popped the hood, and then started violently hitting the car battery. He jumped back in, started the car with no issue, and away we went. Sooo now I have to wonder about instances where people in the States have needed a jump. Could all of those problems just have been solved by aggressively hitting the battery for a while?

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One Response to Jumper Cables are for Wimps

  1. Eddard Stark says:

    Our dads don’t teach us how to aggressively hit a car battery anymore. The American spirit is dying. Romney-Ryan 2012!

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