Advertising just for me…sort of

Some people are freaked out by advertising on sites like Facebook and Google. “It’s so creepy that they know I am interested in buying X.” Not me. This sort of thing makes me happy. Facebook and Gmail, two services that I highly value, need advertising if I am to continue to use them for free. Therefore, I would rather there be advertising that is super relevant for me than something that I have no interest in.

Therefore, I have found Google and Facebook’s efforts to have ads that are relevant to me to be highly amusing. Both can tell from the number of times the word “Kenya” comes up that I seem to have taken an interest in the area. First though, a looooot of the advertising was about travel—I must have fit the bill of someone about to travel to Kenya. I got all kinds of special offers for flights to Kenya and discounts on safaris (though to be fair, was sort of relevant in the second case).

Now though, the two seem to have figured out I am in Kenya for the long haul, though they still don’t quite have the advertising matched. I’m now receiving offers to ship my car from London to Kenya, and for Daily Deals in Nairobi. And of course, I’m receiving offers for the chance to meet hot singles in Kenya! Google and Facebook for the win!

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One Response to Advertising just for me…sort of

  1. lrb5 says:

    Well, I still think it’s a little creepy, like someone’s reading my mail. But the killer is when Facebook ads target my (baby boomer) demographic. They post ads for wrinkle cream and weight loss products. OUCH!!!

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