No accent?

Today, I am in the town of Kituruni, day 7 of 23!

The idea of a “neutral” accent is of course an absurd one, though I none-the-less took great delight in making fun of my roommates’ accents, while happily “not having fun.” It’s really fun to laugh at how East Coasters pronounce Mario from the video games as “Mayrio”. A typical exchange:

Me—“Dude, he literally says, ‘It’s a me, Mario!’ Your argument literally has no basis. You can literally hear him pronounce it in the game.”

East Coaster—“No dude, it’s ‘Mayrio’”

Me—“You’re out of control”

I have therefore been slightly dismayed to discover that here in Kenya, I have an accent, and as a matter of fact, it is a rather thick one. There have been multiple times where people have told me they struggle with my accent, or that they are unfamiliar with accents of my sorts.

I guess I can still always take solace in making fun of those East Coasters though. I’ll always have that.

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3 Responses to No accent?

  1. King in the North says:

    the old gods made me pronounce it that way.

  2. Jon Snow Targaryen says:

    Just say in a strong British accent “You’re the one with the accent, mate!” and then walk away haughtily

  3. lrb5 says:

    That’s funny! You’re the one who sounds like the people on US network TV news. But that’s probably not much like what the English speakers in Africa are used to. So is your Swahili (US) accented too?

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