Safari Bound

I am headed on a safari this weekend. Now, before you get images in your head of me on a game drive, seeing elephants and giraffes, you should know that Safari is just the Swahili word for journey, so I could really be talking about any sort of journey.

However, in this case, your first reaction was correct. I am headed north to Samburu National Park to go on game drives to see elephants, giraffes, and whatever else we run into.

Whenever I traveled, I’ve gone to see things not necessarily because I was super interested per se, but because they were there. When I went to Turkey (and I know I can diss on Turkey, because according to my WordPress page views, no one from Turkey reads my blog) I went to see some historic neighborhood, not because it was some lifelong dream of mine, but because it was there, and Lonely Planet said it was something worth seeing. Whenever I talk to people going on safaris, I’ve always just sort of had the mindset that “oh yeah, that’s what you do when you’re in Kenya.”

But then I had the recent revelation, no, safaris are actually really, really awesome, and this is going to be an amazing time. Not to mention a dream come true for 5-year-old me, who was going to be a zookeeper when he grew up. I am going to be really, really excited the first time I see an elephant or ostrich or whatever else I run into.

Thus far, I’ve done a pretty epically bad job of taking pictures. Hopefully I do a better job this weekend, cause I’m sure there will a lot cool to document.

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2 Responses to Safari Bound

  1. ?? says:

    Zoo books & zoo keys!!

  2. Sharon says:

    Haha, way to capitalize on the site stats charts. A safari sounds SO awesome. If you take pictures (which you totally should), post them here. 🙂

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